Life of a Blogger: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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The other day I got asked if I like my job as a life of a blogger? The short answer is yes I do, but, there are quite a few challenges that happens behind the scenes.

My Job As A Blogger

Some people think blogging is all about writing on a website. Well, to be honest they are wrong because there is much more to it.

Every week I have to come up with blog post ideas to get people back to my site. Sounds easy enough am I right? Well if you are like me writers block more than one time then you know how hard it is to create content.

Back in February while I was still in my Biology course in college I hit writer’s block more times than I care to admit. Another reason why I stopped posting for two weeks.

How Do You Overcome Writer’s Block As A Blogger?

Luckily for me I was able to get myself out of the writer’s block stage quite fast. So how do you overcome writer’s block as a blogger? I use free tools like:

Tiles with the letters s e o written on them

SEO is the nightmare for all blogger or me. Along with writing great content, I also have to write for Google as well. That’s how I get traffic to my website, and it doesn’t always work in my favor.

Finding User Intent For SEO

Part of SEO is finding the user intent and create a blog post around that topic. So how do you find the user intent? There two ways that people taught me. A keyword can be a single word or a sentence for an example: where is the closest movie theater near me?

  1. Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension — This tool helps me find keywords. It shows data like the monthly searches the the competition of a particular keyword.
  2. Keysearch — helps me find the accurate competition score which helps me out rank other sites. Using both of these tools has been helping me to do my job a little better each time.

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One of the biggest things that I complain most about as a blogger is when the search engines make changes. According to this SEO course I been working on the search engines make changes around 500 times per year.

It’s pretty obnoxious am I right? Pretty much overkill , but hey what do I know about search engines.

Algorithms Can Either Make Or Break A Person Website

Algorithm updates can either make or break bloggers. Let me give you an example. I use to categorize my website under health and fitness. Until Google came up with an update that’s been hurting me

Google only wants people who have medical degrees. That’s why I took a different approach with my website coming from my point of view and my perspective. By creating content this way I can stop getting penalized from that update.

Write Amazing Content

Then I have to make sure I write amazing content on a topic that I choose. Has to include images, videos, info graphics.

Create A Compelling Title For The Blog Post

On top of writing amazing content, keyword research, and new content every week. I have to somehow come up with a compelling title for the blog post to get people to read it.

Create A Great Meta Description

A meta description is the words underneath the title of a website or post which explains what the post is about. This step I am still having troubles with. Plus it has to be between 100 to 160 words.

Finding Images, Videos, And Infographics For The Post

There are some free photo tools that offer a huge collection of free photos. to name a few:

Sometimes using these free tools is great. But sometimes I get worried that they are illegal. That’s why I started to read all the legal information of certain websites.

Then I Have To Interlink Related Posts

Google likes when bloggers interlink to their other posts. Then interlink them in the post which can be very time consuming.

Find External Links That Is Like My Post

If that wasn’t enough to do as a blogger, then creating links to external sites like your post should be easier. Sometimes it can also be a struggle, but other times it can be easy.

Trying To Find Link Building Opportunities

I am still learning on how to create link building opportunities as a blogger. I don’t know how to do it yet. But if you know how please let me know in the comments below because I need to learn this.

Sharing Posts On Social Media

I am in over 10 Facebook groups full of bloggers marketing my blog posts to them. I also share my post on 8 different social media platforms. If that wasn’t enough I am also trying to build a following on social media.

On Top Of That Comes Email Marketing

One of the most important things that I hear bloggers talk about is building up their email list. Some are more successful than others. I am still looking for ways to boost my email subscribers.

Email marketing is still relevant in this day in age because it doesn’t change as much.

If Blogging Was Easy

If blogging was easy everyone would do it. Not everyone succeeds at it either. A while back ago I read about a blogger who lives in New York City. She been blogging on and off for 8 years and now she can afford her apartment. She also said in the article that she can even eat out every night during the week if she wanted to.

Still Looking On The Bright Side

If it only took that one blogger 8 years to make a living on blogging, it might take me less time.

Blogging Has Some Awesome Perks To It

Blogging has some cools perks. One of the perks about blogging that I like is that other bloggers have been in the same boat as me.

Other Perks Include

  • Work at your own schedule
  • New learning opportunities every day
  • Meeting new people around the world across social media
  • Being able to be creative every day


Now that I took you behind the scenes of what I do here at CrazyFitnessGuy. I hope you appreciate what I do every week. Blogging is not an easy job and it doesn’t just involve writing on a website. But the perks make it more bearable during hard times.

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